Jump Up Pup - iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPAD
Jump Up Pup is the best one-touch game available. All you have to do is touch the screen to make the dog jump up to the next platform. There are 9 different dogs to choose from and the platforms get faster and faster as you jump higher. Explore 3 unique levels to test your jumping ability:

•Cloud Level - Jump up to the next platform

•Space Level - Put your space helmet on and spin-jump up to the next platform

•Dizzy Level - Don't get hypnotized while jumping up to the tricky platforms

Bubbly Bob - iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPAD
Bubbly Bob is here to entertain and challenge you forever! The objective is simple: float through the desert while avoiding cactuses. Fly between green cactuses and float around the flying, spiky cactus balls to get points by collecting bottles of water. As your score gets higher, Bubbly Bob changes his appearance.

Enjoy playing the game and make sure you show your friends what Bubbly Bob you have!

Target Fire - iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPAD
Blast all targets by touching them with your finger. The selected dart must be the same color of the target you want to blast!

This game is easy to pick up and play for hours. There are targets coming from the top and sides of the screen and you must blast them all. The targets are different colors so you must first select the right colored dart at the bottom of the screen before you can blast them with your finger. If you blast targets of the same color in a row, your points multiply! Also, the memory challenge levels will keep your mind sharp by requiring you to remember the color of the targets after they turn around and hide it from you! If you do decide to put the game down, the auto save feature will restart the game at the level you left off.